Preparing for Jameson.

My oldest daughter and her husband are expecting their first baby this year!!  My husband and I have talked for years about how exciting it will be to be grandparents and we could not be happier to know that our family is growing in the most amazing way possible.

I have two daughters and, while I would have been overjoyed no matter what the gender, I was over the moon to find out we are expecting a grandson!  We decided to do a few nursery pics even though the lifestyle genre isn't really my specialty, I'm very happy with these pictures for a couple of reasons.  First, it shows how beautiful my daughter is during her pregnancy, second, they display how welcomed and loved Jameson already will be, and finally, it makes me so very proud that my daughter and her husband made good choices and followed such a wise path that they have been able to prepare for his arrival to a degree that's almost unheard of these days.

I am overwhelmed with love and pride for my family and these beautiful days to come.  They have always been, and they will always remain, my greatest source of strength, love, and joy.

Jameson Monroe, you are already so loved and we can't wait to meet you.