Welcome Home Wednesday

I'm starting a new weekly feature called Welcome Home Wednesdays, I'll use this forum to highlight other small businesses in my area, being a small business owner myself, I'm all about supporting others in my hometown.  Every week, I'll showcase a local business that is adding to our local economy and helping our area to prosper.

This week I'm showcasing one that is near and dear to my heart, Cakes with TLC.  It is a custom cake business operated by Torey Cranford.  She is an amazing artist, an active force in our localcommerce and always willing to help.  Not only does she create beautiful cakes that taste amazing, she is always striving to improve her standards and is constantly seeking out educational opportunities.  I've worked with her on numerous occasions and she never fails to deliver a phenomenal product.  If you are in need of a cake for a special occasion, be sure to check her out!