The perils of social media

I am aware as I write this, of the very hypocrisy of carping on the evils of social media while on social media.  But, I find it more and more aggravating.

What was once a fun place to see pictures of friends and family has become a roiling morass of ugly thoughts and words blatantly spilled into the open.  The things we once kept to ourselves out of a sense of common decency has now been welcomed into the forum with malicious glee.  My personal feed has become a constant source of negativity, there are constant arguments and politics and public feuds and disputes.  There is absolutely no thought given to what damage words may give to another.  I see an endless array of thoughts and ideas that are based on emotion or yellow journalism that are brayed and supported without any kind of research or real thought at all.  It's like the bleating of uneducated sheep echoed by those little lambs just as uneducated. There is name calling and bashing and fighting; people actually create entire pages given over to the "calling out" of others.

I find it unconscionable on the whole and find myself avoiding it more and more on a personal level.  I embrace the open avenue created for advertisement, I use my business page frequently to share my pictures of clients, to promote my business and generate more.  Thankfully, my business page is limited to only those other businesses that I follow.

On the whole, I feel that it's become just another source of negativity in a world already swimming in it.  Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don't.  It is, like so many other things, just an opinion.