Sometimes, things just fall together in a neat, little pile like unicorns and glitter.  No effort is required for the end result to be an explosion of awesomeness and Adele songs.

But, most of the time, some hard work is required. I believe that in most cases, preparation pays off.  If you're thinking about hiring a photographer, for any reason, you should get to know them first, spend some time talking to them, looking at their portfolio of work, and figuring out if what they do is what you want hanging on your walls.

Landon's newborn session was the result of getting to know his parents throughout different sessions. I discussed his newborn session with his mom long before he was due, and a couple of times throughout her pregnancy.  They brought props to their maternity session that would be used in his room.  All of those things enabled us to create a session that was completely unique to Landon; we were able to tie the sessions together with his nursery theme and create some really amazing images.

Here are some of the images that were the result.

And, sometimes, we get really lucky and all the hard work and preparation result in an explosion of awesomeness and everyone dances to "We Are The Champions' while cheerleaders do cartwheels in the background.